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Mobilizing through Mentoring: How Relationships Are Our Most Powerful Tools

By Marti Wade

Consider the Power of Personal Connection

The recent Launch Survey conducted by our friend and colleague John McVay asked hundreds of long-term workers about key factors that helped them get to the field. High on the list were:

  • The support of friends and family
  • A positive relationship with the agency or team they would join
  • Personal interaction with long-term workers

These were topped only by a sense of calling or guidance into ministry that came from God and a passion for sharing the gospel.

This suggests that effective mobilization depends more on relationships than it does on conferences, classes, books, sermons, or most anything else, on its own. Relationships are “what works.” Let’s do our part to build relationships with tomorrow’s global workers!

Three Avenues

Would God use YOU to come alongside tomorrow’s mission force today? Consider these three avenues for mobilization and ask the Lord if He’d have you intentionally pursue one or more in 2016.

1. Be a resource.

Remember that people aren’t led on the basis of information that do not have. Serve your church or group by becoming a conduit for global prayer requests, kingdom-focused world news, or resources that could open people’s eyes to current mission issues and strategies.

2. Fan the flames.

Make sure people in your church who are interested in missions know that you are, too, and that you’re willing to talk to those who want to learn more or take some steps to pursue global ministry. Listen for those who indicate an interest and be intentional about following up to hear more and encourage them.

3. Mentor millenials.

Especially if you are serving cross-culturally, make room in your schedule to connect with those who show interest in finding their own fit in mission (even if they are young enough to be your children or grandchildren!) Resist the expectation that you focus your communication efforts on talking about what you’re doing and how to support it. Rather, seek ways to invest in and equip those who might follow in your footsteps or who need someone else to be excited for them as they take steps on a journey of their own.

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