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What is mission mobilization?

by M-DAT Executive Director

I am often greeted by blank stares when I tell folks, “I am a mission mobilizer.” While it may sound like gobbledygook, “mission mobilization” is really just a shorthand way of referring to work that helps get people onboard, excited about, and involved in the Great Commission.

Some people mobilize without noticing they are doing it. A person may tell a friend about the mission trip he went on or invite someone over for dinner with a church missionary who happens to be in town. Others consciously work to involve believers in missions.

Mobilization has two phases that build on each other in an ongoing cycle. The first phase raises awareness, educates and instills vision and passion. A person is likely exposed to this phase of mobilization when she hears a mission conference speaker. Hopefully she comes away reminded about God’s love and concern for the whole world and senses personal responsibility to join in the task. But she also probably senses a need for more of the “nuts and bolts” of how to apply what she heard to her life.

Enter the second phase of mobilization. This phase provides the practical information and guidance people need to transform their mission desire into meaningful involvement. An example of this would be, which helps people serve in missions by providing details on mission opportunities; or, The Journey Deepens events which provide guidance to people exploring a missions career.

Both phases are equally important to the success of passing missions onto the next generation of believers and getting people meaningfully involved in God’s plan to reach the lost of this world.

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