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Kingdom-size Dreaming

by M-DAT Executive Director

The M-DAT Vision, part 1 of 4

If you have ever packed a suitcase for a month long trip, you have experienced a bit of what it is like to create a vision statement. So much to pack, and so little room to fit it in! Amazingly, over the last twelve months we successfully wrangled our ministry vision into a single statement from a multi-paragraph document (insert applause).

I am pleased to present M-DAT’s official vision statement: Our vision is that every believer desiring growth in mission involvement would obtain the practical assistance necessary to realize significant, lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.

Whew! We crammed a lot in–every believer; practical assistance; lifelong involvement.  I do not have room to expand on these now, so I’ll explore each in more depth in future issues of Propel.

For now, I will say, the statement both excites and scares us.  “Excites” because its pretty ambitious and “scares” because—well, its pretty ambitious.  And yet, this is the vision the Lord has put on our hearts. It is what we are passionate about. We believe He can, and will, accomplish it.  As the Psalmist said, “With my God I can scale a wall.”

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