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M-DAT Executive Director

The M-DAT Vision, part 2 of 4

After introducing you to M-DAT’s freshly adopted vision statement last issue, I promised to spend some time unpacking it. This issue we will dive into the portion in bold below:

Our vision is that every believer desiring growth in mission involvement would obtain the practical assistance necessary to realize significant, lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.

Let’s tackle it in reverse order. It may surprise you that we do not just mean “going” when we say “mission involvement.”The need for “goers” certainly is great, but it is not the only form of involvement, nor the most important.

We use the term to refer to a wide range of activities that help to accomplish the Great Commission, all of which are equally important. These include:

  • Praying for missionaries and the unreached
  • Educating and challenging children, youth, and adults to involvement
  • Reaching out to people of other nations that God has brought to the US
  • Giving money and physical resources to the Lord for use in missions
  • Offering encouragement and emotional support to current and future missionaries
  • Serving in missions long-term, short-term, or on a volunteer basis at home or abroad

None of these are an “easy out.” All are essential and worth doing wholeheartedly and sacrificially.

Next, we say we are interested specifically in serving believers desiring growth in mission involvement. These are folks who desire to expand and deepen their involvement in one or more of the ways mentioned above–or pursue a new form of involvement.

Lastly, we really do mean every believer desiring growth! We are not interested in just assisting a few hundred—or even a few thousand. We think that if a person wants to get involved in God’s plan for the nations that they should be able to. Yes, its ambitious. We are not even sure its fully attainable! But that will not stop us from going after it and asking God to do more than we can ask or imagine.

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