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The M-DAT Vision, part 3 of 4

Our vision is that every believer desiring growth in mission involvement would obtain the practical assistance necessary to realize significant, lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.

Believers need assistance in order to realize mission involvement. A person does not just fall into missions. Nor does involvement continue to grow once it begins. It requires nurturing. God transforms us and develops in us a heart to love as He loved (John 3:16 declares, “For God so loved the world!”), and we must faithfully live it out.

Unfortunately, believers often stall out for lack of information, a clear path, or ease of executing a decision. God has called M-DAT to guide and connect believers pursuing missions with practical assistance to move forward.

With a range of mission conferences and great mission books available one may think enough resources exist for believers pursuing missions. These resources, however, are not easily accessible. Bookstores carry few mission titles if any and regional mission conferences only occur once a year. Some churches step up to the plate and provide access to information, resources, and even mentoring throughout the year. Many churches do little or nothing.

We envision a new level of access to Great Commission enabling resources. At a time when people expect to find information online, the internet allows us to deliver practical content whenever and wherever. However, we do not want believers simply to be aware of the resources we create; we want people to actually use them and receive true help — to obtain practical assistance.

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