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We need your help launching a resource center for aspiring missionaries!

For the last eight years, God has allowed M-DAT’s website to help tens of thousands of believers plug into mission trips. While we celebrate the success of, we are acutely aware that mission trips are just one part of the overall effort to carry out Jesus’ command to make disciples throughout the entire world.

The process of becoming a missionary is often times both difficult and lengthy. Echoing the sentiment of many others on the path to mission service, one person shared with us, “A lot of times I feel like there are not enough resources out there and I don’t know what to do next!”

Work is underway on a resource that will make a difference. is a website with guidance and advice to encourage and assist aspiring missionaries. After releasing a rudimentary version of the website early last year, we are now expanding it to include video clips with advice from experienced missionaries, a mission organization directory, and an interactive tool for identifying steps individuals need to take as they prepare to go. We plan to move the website out of “beta” and officially launch it Fall of 2009.

We need to raise $6,000 to help cover costs associated with getting the website off the ground. This amount includes the purchase of video equipment and labor for portions of the project we plan to outsource. Would you please consider making a special donation? Whether it is $30, $60, or $400, your donation will help the next generation of missionaries make it to the field.

Click here to see progress and give toward the goal.

As we press forward in developing, please ask that God would grant us insight into the needs of those we seek to serve, so that the website would effectively encourage aspiring missionaries and assist them in their journey. Also, ask God to provide M-DAT with additional personnel to increase our capacity to serve. Thank you for remembering us in your prayers during this exciting time of growth.

What people are saying about…  

“This is such a great idea!!! A lot of times I feel like there are not enough resources out there and I don’t know what to do next! PLEASSSSSE get this website up and running, it sounds amazing!”

“God bless you, I would really like a site like this.”

“This is an awesome thing that you are putting together. It will really be helpful and encouraging to all missionaries and people interested in missions. There really isn’t anything out there like this.”

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