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Interview with Wendy Andrews: Praying for missions

Monday, May 18th, 2009

by Paul Nielsen

Wendy Andrews is the national co-leader of 24-7 Prayer USA. She hails from Madison, Wisconsin, where for three years she served as the ministry assistant to a pastor at Mad City Church. Her role there was to coordinate a discipleship training community. Then, early in 2005, God supernaturally pulled Wendy into this wildfire movement, to resource and catalyze prayer all across the USA. In the summer of 2005, Wendy uprooted and relocated to Kansas City. She lives the values of 24-7 and carries a deep burden for Asia.

Propel: Is prayer for missions — the completion of the Great Commission, for all nations to worship God — a regular part of the menu at 24-7 Prayer?

Wendy: Yes, prayer for mission is absolutely core to the DNA of who we are at 24-7 Prayer! We like to say prayer and mission — or intimacy and involvement — are like two legs on a body: you can’t walk anywhere without both. We want to live lives that are open and desiring to be the answer to our very own prayers, and I believe that something God is doing in the Church right now, that I see particularly within the younger generation, is bringing about a marriage of prayer and mission.

Propel: Do you have any stories of how your intercession bore fruit?

Wendy: For years, I have had a deep, personal burden for and love of the Chinese people. In the last four years, I have begun to learn to pray for the Chinese, and I’ve seen God open up insight and understanding to me along the way as to how I can effectively pray. Also, in the past four years, God has given me a particular heart for women. I feel an intercessory, stand-in-the-gap kind of calling to oppressed and abused women, and I’ve been particularly captured by the horrible reality of women and children caught in human trafficking. I’ve spent a good bit of time in prayer over this, asking God for His purposes to be accomplished with women, and asking that we would see His Genesis 1 design of “male and female, made [equally] in the image of God” take root in our families, churches, cities, and nations. In May of 2007, God brought an opportunity my way that was a direct answer to prayers I’ve prayed for both China and for women:  Read the rest of the story in this 24-7 Prayer article (In the photo below, Wendy and her friend Juliana Au cook Chinese food for Chinese victims of human trafficking.).

I’ve been involved with the Coalition Against Human Trafficking here in Kansas City and Western Missouri for the past 18 months, along with the girl I called Mandy in the story above and now with another dear friend as well. Many in our church community (the Kansas City Boiler Room) Wendy and her friend Juliana Au cook Chinese food for Chinese victims of human trafficking.and in the Church of Kansas City have prayed concertedly over these past few years about human trafficking in particular. Last month, we saw another amazing answer to prayer take place in our city! Law enforcement and FBI officials have started an effort called Operation Guardian Angel, a unique undercover law enforcement investigation targeting the demand for child prostitutes in the Kansas City area. As a result of this investigation, a total of seven defendants have been charged within the past month in the nation’s first-ever federal prosecution of the alleged customers of child prostitution under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Read the press release if you’re interested in more details. This is incredible, and it’s happening in our city, we believe, because of all the prayer being prayed that is targeting this issue of trafficking!

Propel: Do you have any tips on how to pray for missions or missionaries? Do you have guidelines you could share for missions directed intercession?


John Piper on prayer for missions

Monday, May 18th, 2009

The following article is comprised of selections from a talk given by John Piper at the Annual Meeting of the ACMC in 1988. His address contained three main points.

Life is war
In other words, life is war.

But most people do not believe this in their heart. Most people show by their priorities and their casual approach to spiritual things that they believe we are in peacetime, not wartime.

In wartime, the newspapers carry headlines about how the troops are doing. In wartime, families talk about the sons and daughters on the front lines, and write to them, and pray for them with heart-wrenching concern for their safety. In wartime, we are on the alert. We are armed. We are vigilant. In wartime, we spend money differently — there is austerity, not for its own sake, but because there are more strategic ways to spend money than on new tires at home. The war effort touches everybody. We all cut back. The luxury liner becomes the troop carrier . . .

The logic is crucial. Why is the Father going to give the disciples what they ask in Jesus’ name? Answer: Because they have been sent to bear fruit. The reason the Father gives the disciples the gift of prayer is because Jesus has given them a mission. In fact, the grammar of John 15:16 implies that the reason Jesus gives them their mission is so that they will be able to enjoy the power of prayer. “I send you to bear fruit so that whatever you ask the Father . . . he may give you.”

So I do not tire of saying to our church, “The number one reason why prayer malfunctions in the hands of a believers is that they try to turn a wartime walkie-talkie into a domestic intercom . . .”

So my first point is that, if we are going to mobilize a powerful prayer movement for missions or even sustain the will to pray in our own hearts, we must talk about something else first, namely, war . . . Until we feel the desperation of a bombing raid, or the thrill of a new strategic offensive for the gospel, we will not pray in the spirit of Jesus.

The sovereignty of God
When our hearts ache for something, we pray for it . . .

In other words, when you believe in the sovereignty of God – in the right and power of God to bring hardened sinners to faith and salvation – then you will be able be able to pray with no inconsistency and with great Biblical promises for the conversion of the lost . . . Until we embrace the sovereignty of God, we cannot be confident that our prayers will succeed and that the cause of Christ will triumph . . .

Until we embrace the sovereignty of God we cannot be confident that the cause of Christ will triumph and that all our praying will not be in vain . . . (more…)

M-DAT partners with

Monday, May 18th, 2009

by M-DAT Executive Director

I am excited to share that is now included in M-DAT’s family of mission websites. AskaMissionary started out 10 years ago as an eNewsletter to help people get their questions about mission service answered. As questions and answers poured in, a website was launched to make them more accessible. The site now boasts 400-plus answers from experienced Christian missionaries to hundreds of questions about being a missionary for one year or longer. The email version of the service continues and has grown to 2,000 subscribers. God brought all of this about through an ordinary person who offered up a portion of his free time to encourage people in missions involvement!

Early this year M-DAT entered into an agreement with John McVay to take on the lead role in operating the service. The agreement is a one-year trial period, intended as a stepping stone toward a permanent partnership. We are happy to have John continue his involvement with the project and he is excited to see his “hobby” taken to the next level.

Our team is pleased to have the opportunity to help raise the profile of this good, solid content. Over the coming months we will overhaul, making it a bit more user friendly, updating the look and improving the visibility of the site in major search engines. We will also integrate the Q&A content into, which is currently in beta. No immediate changes are planned for the newsletter.
Please take a look at the site. You can post a question or contribute an answer. While you are at it, don’t forget to subscribe to the AskaMissionary eNewsletter to get the latest questions and answers!

John McVay is administrator of In His Image International and coordinator of the Tulsa Missions Mobilizers Network as well as developer of The Journey Deepens retreats.

Resource highlight: Prayer

Monday, May 18th, 2009

The following resources, intended to help a person interested in learning more or deepening their prayer practice, were recommended by Wendy Andrews.

Some books I highly recommend are as follows:

Some websites sites rich with inspiration:

  • — the global 24-7 Prayer website, rich with stories of what God is doing through prayer across the globe
  • — 5 mini-documentaries about various kinds of prayer that will inspire you to pray!
  • SVM2 – website from a ministry called SVM2, or Student Volunteer Movement 2, who are friends of ours with 24-7 Prayer — seeking God for another student volunteer missions movement to be borne from praying students on today’s campuses

M-DAT news and prayer

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Prayer: We discovered we will need to upgrade software versions on our web server in order to launch an eSeries with tips and advice for before, during, and after a mission trip. Pray that testing the new version and the upgrade would go smoothly.

Prayer: That God would provide a website project manager (support raising position) to join our staff.

Praise: Over 10,000 inquiries about mission trips made via since last July!

Praise: We have entered a 1 year “trial period” agreement with John McVay to adopt the website into the M-DAT family of services. John will continue to be involved in the editing and assembling of the content for the website and e-newsletter. We plan on maintaining a standalone site as well as integrating the Q&A content into (currently in beta).

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