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Follow-Through for a Home Run

A new resource M-DAT partnered on is helping mission trip participants live life on mission after the trip ends.

By M-DAT Executive Director

We finished teaching our last English class. The team held a debriefing session, then we packed our bags for the flight home. Boarding a flight from Central Asia was the final step. The mission trip had ended. Or had it?

The on-field portion of the trip was over but the work God was doing in our lives was still going strong. Upon returning home from a mission trip the tendency is to resume life where it left off–old habits, schedules, priorities and all. The resolve for change in the areas the Spirit nudges about during the mission trip quickly fades.

Just like good baseball players follow-through their swing to garner the power to hit a home run, building follow-through into mission trips increases the impact of the experience on the participant’s life and guides them forward on their faith journey. Follow-through happens in the weeks and months after coming home from a mission trip. It goes deeper than a debrief in that it not only helps a person process the mission trip it helps them discover how to live life on mission whether at home or on the field. Follow-through extends the moldable phase of the mission trip, allowing a longer period of time for growth to occur.

Mission trip follow-through requires carving out time to work though materials specifically designed for the purpose. The leading resource for this is The Next Mile curriculum which packages follow-through materials into a series of devotionals. M-DAT jumped at the opportunity last winter when The Next Mile pitched an idea to partner on a new resource. The partnership resulted in the launch of a twelve part E-Zine with 50 quality articles on topics like: effectively sharing your story, processing re-entry, growing closer to God, a missional worldview, staying the course, and exploring career missions.

What is extraordinary about The Next Mile E-Zine is that it makes follow-through material freely accessible to anyone with an email address. In the past, few mission agencies or churches did anything to help trip participants stay on mission after the trip ended. That is beginning to change. In the few short months the resource has been “live,” several mission agencies and Christian universities have inquired about how to sign up every individual they send on a mission trip to receive the resource.

The potential fruit from the E-Zine excites us. We believe it will help unlock a life of service, giving, and prayer focused on loving others and making disciples.

If you are going on a mission trip this summer, don’t forget to follow-through. Recently back? It’s not too late! Sign-up for The Next Mile E-Zine here »

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