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Countdown to a Better Mission Trip

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Embark screenshotPlanning a mission trip? Do you know about Embark? It’s a free, five-part email series from designed to track with short-termers as they prepare and return from a mission trip. Subscribers enter their name and contact information, along with the dates of their trip. Emails are automatically sent at key times before and after they go. Readers might also be interested in The Next Mile E-Zine, a series of emails sent to participants after their mission trip ends.

Creative Mission Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

By David Armstrong

Some days I suspect the number one requirement for missionaries going to the least-reached parts of today’s world is creativity! Why creativity? Because that’s what it takes to turn a natural setting into a great place to interact with people, sharing the gospel in both words and actions.

In fact, creativity is required for making any cross-cultural leap. It will help you integrate the old and the new. It will help you bridge from the known to the unknown. Though others have gone before you, you must innovate and do what others have not thought to do … adding your unique contribution to the beautiful tapestry God is weaving to share his love with those in your host culture.

Maybe that’s why God has handed you a set of tools and techniques that are different from what he has given others. The tools in your God-given toolbox will give you advantages and opportunities that others don’t have. As you learn to fit into a unique part of the world, God will connect you with people who others don’t connect with and in ways other can’t connect. God is creative that way!

Mission “entrepreneurs” don’t just look for a job to hold, a neighborhood to live in, or a place where they can make friends and have fun. They also seek to develop their presence in the community in a way that cultivates natural opportunities to interact with people, foster relationships, and build bridges for the sake of the gospel. They talk less about “entry platforms” and more about “access strategies.”

Mobilizers and mission leaders, keep your eyes open for people who have that blend of creativity and intentionality that makes a good entrepreneur. Those skills would help them on the field. And as you look in the mirror, thank God for his creativity in forming each one of us differently … for his purposes.

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