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On Becoming a Missionary

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

What do would-be Christian missionaries want to know? What would you say if they came to you asking what training they need? What to do about raising support? Maybe they are looking for advice about a college major, mission agency, or potential spouse! Maybe they don’t even know what to ask, but only have a vague picture of what God may be asking of them. is set up to field questions from prospective missionaries. Designed and created by Dr. John McVay of Tulsa, Oklahoma, it offers helpful answers from experienced overseas workers and mission professionals. provides a safe place for users to discover what it might take to get overseas and what they might find when they get there. It helps them discover what they need to think through and learn from those who have gone before them. It comes alongside those who are somewhere in the process between feeling God’s tug into missions and actually buying their tickets to go.

In 2009 M-DAT took over management of the site. We gave it a new foundation and easy-to-use content management system. Additional changes have been made to make the site more attractive, usable, and mobile-friendly. Readers post new questions and answers. Many find their concerns addressed in content already published on the site, though others write in for advice about their specific situation and are connected with resources, ministries, and missionaries who can help. The best of that correspondence makes its way onto the site as well.

But how many people actually use Three years ago, the site was getting 2000 unique visitors each month. Since then the numbers have doubled to 4000. Think about it: If you put on a mission conference and 4000 people came, you would probably consider it quite a success! That’s happening every month at

Visiting a website may not achieve all that a face-to-face event can, but it has its own strengths. Like M-DAT’s other sites, it is designed so users can go right to what interests them and not be overwhelmed by input. They can choose to be anonymous or engage directly. The site is available when they have more questions later on and whatever time of day fits their busy schedule. It serves as a reference and tool for campus ministries, church mission leaders, teachers, missionaries, and mobilizers who direct others to the site as well as sometimes contributing content from their own experience.

Thanks for being supportive of M-DAT’s work making all this possible. We are thrilled at the chance to be part of God’s plan for getting people involved in what he is doing around the world.

If you’re interested, here are three things you can do:

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