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Meetings, Mergers, and My First Trip to Asia

By David Armstrong

Missio Nexus Meetings

Each fall, as part of the Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission (SOE), we have the privilege of planning the short-term mission track for the national mission leaders’ conference hosted by Missio Nexus. Networking with old ministry friends and meeting new short-term mission leaders always rejuvenates me.

This year about 800 mission leaders attended the conference, discussing and learning more about current trends in missions ranging from strategies to nonprofit tax changes. Have you noticed that nothing gets simpler?! It always seems to get more complicated!

Navigating a Merger

After the Missio Nexus meetings, other SOE board members and I met for two days in Dallas. You may remember that SOE recently merged with Delta Ministries, a ministry with a long history of effective mission teams and training.

A merger is no simple thing. It is one thing to merge on paper, and another to actually integrate the pieces. We made great progress in 2017 and 2018 should take us another large step forward in welding the two strong agencies into one. We are already seeing more growth and impact than we expected.

A Different Kind of Chaos

My wife and I recently visited our son and family in Nepal for a couple weeks. It was actually my first trip to Asia. I had to chuckle about the traffic on the streets. I had expected noise and chaos, and it was chaotic. But it was chaotic in a different way. The buses, trucks, tractors, taxis, and motorcycles by the hundreds, plus people and water buffalo, went every which way. But they weren’t honking their horns or threatening to run over each other. If you’re a pedestrian, drivers will actually go around you!

Our son put it all into perspective when he compared it to our crowded malls at Christmas time. People everywhere with arms loaded, going every which way, and sometimes pushing a stroller. Yet they (almost) never run into each other. That is because every few seconds they adjust their direction and speed. And you don’t even really think about it. Nepal’s drivers and water buffalo were doing the sam

e thing, calmly and rather quietly, even with only the slimmest clearance between them.

How grateful I am for the Lord’s presence and the partnership of others when life and ministry get complicated!

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