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Mission Trip Outcomes for Mobilizing Students

What can we expect from a mission trip?

“I know a guy who took a short-term trip to Senegal. He is now a high school math teacher in Seattle. Though he never went back overseas after that summer trip, he is different.

“He prays for the world and if he hears any news about that part of Africa, he listens a little more closely. If he meets someone from anywhere in West Africa, he strikes up a conversation.”

Writing for Campus Ministry Today, The Traveling Team’s Todd Ahrend suggests a number of ways to improve the impact of our mission teams, including five outcomes to shoot for in the lives of those who go:

  1. Considering long-term service
  2. Being informed about the needs of the global Church and the unreached
  3. Gaining insights from poverty, pain, and injustice
  4. Change in lifestyle back home
  5. Development of personal ministry

“What if we started off designing our trips with these outcomes in mind?” asks Ahrend. “What if we worked with our host teams overseas not only to further their mission, but also to cultivate these goals?”

Ahrend’s article reminds us that while much of the pre-field training offered for long-term missionaries is shaped by desired competencies and outcomes, short-term mission team training and debriefing may fall short in these areas. A Shift in Short Term Missions includes analysis, action points, resource links, and reflection questions you may find helpful in maximizing mission teams.

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