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Can I Use My Skills on the Field? Yes, and…

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Most of the correspondence that comes to is from prospective missionaries. Some are just trying to find out what missionaries go through. How do they know they’re supposed to do this? What do they later wish they’d known from the start? How did they prepare? What kind of training do missionaries need? What would keep someone from succeeding?

Often readers ask question about whether or not they can use specific skills. They are looking for ways to make the most of the experience and training they have already or are presently pursuing. Since cross-cultural workers come in all shapes and sizes and serve in any way you can imagine, we and the friends who answer these questions tend to begin replies with “yes!”

Yes: there’s a place for you in God’s global mission. Yes, people like you have found jobs, and agencies, and teams of supporters to stand with them. Yes, the things you do now are needed somewhere else. You can probably find national partners to link arms with who deeply value the contribution you can bring (and bring out in them).

Yet anyone with much mission experience tends to discover something more. Serving in mission often means laying down your own agenda. It means doing things you’ve never done before and adapting to circumstances beyond prediction or control. Yes, you may use that degree (and discover what you really need are the persistence and problem-solving skills you picked up in getting it). Yes, you will discover that God does not waste your life experience (and also lead you down paths you never expected).

Yes, there’s a place in missions for people like you… and people like me, too.

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