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Strengthening the M-DAT leadership team

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

by David Armstrong

At the annual M-DAT Board Retreat this Spring, the staff and Board made some significant changes in M-DAT’s leadership roles to better facilitate continuing growth in our services and better match our team member’s skills and gifts with needs in the office.

Some key responsibilities were shuffled and the organization is moving to a three person leadership team composed of an Executive Director, a Director of Program Services and a Director of Operations.

Our previous executive director, who has ably led M-DAT for its first 10 years, has assumed the role of Program Services Director to focus his energies and skills on the ongoing development of our web based missions training and preparation services.

The legal, financial and overall administrative tasks for the organization will now be covered by the Director of Operations. David Armstrong has moved into that role. Amanda Snodgrass has assumed the position of Service Manager and will be helping the many organizations who use to make known the opportunities they offer.

And lastly, we are now looking for a new Executive Director. Pray for our Board as they define the unique job description for this position and then find and interview candidates. We would appreciate your prayers as we wait on God to provide the right person for the new role. Also pray for the team as a whole as we adjust to these transitions.

As always we remain committed to helping people take their next step in missions involvement.

Missions: Not a seasonal job

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

 M-DAT Executive Director

The M-DAT Vision, part 4 of 4
Our vision is that every believer desiring growth in mission involvement would obtain the practical assistance necessary to realize significant, lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.

Contrary to initial perceptions, “lifelong involvement” refers not to career missionaries but to the ongoing nature of the missions endeavor. Reaching the World has been on God’s heart since before we were born and will continue on His heart, if the Lord tarries, after our death. We do not clock in and out of mission every ten months like a seasonal job or check it off our list of things to do after going on a short-term mission trip. Missions is a core part of following Christ that should permeate our lives. While the exact expression of involvement grows and changes over a believer’s life, the heart, sacrifice, love, and worship behind it remains constant.

So, what is significant involvement? First, and foremost, significant involvement sights in on the completion of the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20). Whether directly or indirectly, a clear connection should be present. Second, significant involvement speaks of a wholehearted and intentional giving of oneself to a selected task. Whether it is praying, going, giving, encouraging, welcoming, working behind the scenes or ministering on the front lines every part of the missions endeavor is important and necessary for the completion of the missionary task. All are interdependent. All deserve to be done with persistence and sacrifice. Over time, M-DAT hopes to provide a broad range of services that help a believer expand his or her capacity to participate in each of these areas and facilitate crossing over into different forms of involvement as life changes and God prompts.

Well, this wraps up the series on M-DAT’s vision. If you missed one, you can go to read all four parts here. Apart from God, accomplishing this vision is impossible. We are obviously in over our heads, but we serve a big God! We covet your prayers for the ministry and would love to hear from you if this vision resonates with you.

Internet enabled information

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

M-DAT Executive Director

The M-DAT Vision, part 3 of 4

Our vision is that every believer desiring growth in mission involvement would obtain the practical assistance necessary to realize significant, lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.

Believers need assistance in order to realize mission involvement. A person does not just fall into missions. Nor does involvement continue to grow once it begins. It requires nurturing. God transforms us and develops in us a heart to love as He loved (John 3:16 declares, “For God so loved the world!”), and we must faithfully live it out.

Unfortunately, believers often stall out for lack of information, a clear path, or ease of executing a decision. God has called M-DAT to guide and connect believers pursuing missions with practical assistance to move forward.

With a range of mission conferences and great mission books available one may think enough resources exist for believers pursuing missions. These resources, however, are not easily accessible. Bookstores carry few mission titles if any and regional mission conferences only occur once a year. Some churches step up to the plate and provide access to information, resources, and even mentoring throughout the year. Many churches do little or nothing.

We envision a new level of access to Great Commission enabling resources. At a time when people expect to find information online, the internet allows us to deliver practical content whenever and wherever. However, we do not want believers simply to be aware of the resources we create; we want people to actually use them and receive true help — to obtain practical assistance.

Magnify Mission Involvment

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

M-DAT Executive Director

The M-DAT Vision, part 2 of 4

After introducing you to M-DAT’s freshly adopted vision statement last issue, I promised to spend some time unpacking it. This issue we will dive into the portion in bold below:

Our vision is that every believer desiring growth in mission involvement would obtain the practical assistance necessary to realize significant, lifelong involvement in the Great Commission.

Let’s tackle it in reverse order. It may surprise you that we do not just mean “going” when we say “mission involvement.”The need for “goers” certainly is great, but it is not the only form of involvement, nor the most important.


Kingdom-size Dreaming

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

by M-DAT Executive Director

The M-DAT Vision, part 1 of 4

If you have ever packed a suitcase for a month long trip, you have experienced a bit of what it is like to create a vision statement. So much to pack, and so little room to fit it in! Amazingly, over the last twelve months we successfully wrangled our ministry vision into a single statement from a multi-paragraph document (insert applause).


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